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0C / 32F

2/4 Hours

Smart Tag

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The Smart Start Solution is a single use, irreversible time and temperature indicator. Varcode’s Smart Start accurately tracks your product’s cumulative time over the threshold temperature. Temperature exposure is collected via a simple scan of a smart phone.

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Product Details
Model #
0C / 32F
Time Thresholds
2/4 Hours
Unit of Measure

Use Smart Start to monitor any sensitive product’s time and temperature abuse. Adhere the tags either inside shipper boxes, on the outside of palletized boxes or on primary product packaging. Simple to use, accurate, practical method to monitor temperature, provide immediate exposure status effecting product quality or efficacy.

Refrigerate or freeze the Smart Tags for 2 hours prior to use at 6F / 3C below there temperature.

Activate the Smart Tag™ by simply pulling the green “Start Tab” on the left of the tag. When exposed to temperatures exceeding the threshold, sections of the barcode are activated and deactivated as ink mixture melts and spreads.