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Ready Now for Your Supply Chain

FreshCodeTM systems leverage patented dynamic barcode technology to monitor the perishable supply chain’s biggest concern – temperature condition – from production through to the last mile.

The FreshCodeTM Solution in Action

FreshCodeTM digitized time-temperature indicators, or dTTIs, are single-use units that are serialized for track and trace association.  Each time a dTTI is scanned the time-temperature condition, as well as a time/date stamp and geo location, is communicated to Varcode’s cloud-based management system (FCMS).  Real-time information and alerts via text/e-mail enable immediate action to protect quality and mitigate risk.

Components of the FreshCodeTM Solution

Digitized Time-Temperature Indicators (dTTIs)

FCMS Cloud-Based Management System

Moble App & Scanners

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