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Varcode specializes in providing advanced solutions in the area of tracking and monitoring the supply cold chain.
Providing means to monitor the cold chain, enables food supply organizations to ensure food safety, and increase profitability by extending shelf life, establishing fact based rejection of vendors' goods, and having enterprise wide traceability and accountability, controlled by the organization high management.
Varcode is the developer and provider of the FreshCode™ solution of ensuring an unbroken supply cold chain.

The Varcode solution consists of

  • FreshCode™ TTI Smart Barcode Labels
    • FreshCode™ TTI Smart Barcode Label is a disposable, low-cost TTI barcode label which detects and records temperature abuse throughout the supply cold chain.
    • FreshCode™ labels are designed to provide monitoring for a wide range of temperatures and time spans, and are flexible enough to respond to almost any quality/Safety needs.
    • FreshCode™ labels can be read by any standard barcode readers.
      The information read off the label can be integrated into the organization enterprise system (via an interface tool that is adjustable to each customer's standard) as well as using Varcode FCMS monitoring system.
  • FreshCode™ monitoring system FCMS (optional)

Key features:

  •  Accurate and reliable information.,
  • Standard (1 dimensional) barcode. 
  • Discreet – the information is encoded into the barcode, where the indication values are user defined, and presented as a barcode.
  • Objective deterministic result - not subject to human interpretation.
  • Streight forward data collection and analysis.
  • Objective, numeric value denotes breach of a user pre-set rulle.
  • No learning curve
  • Low cost.
  • Decision support tool –  improve the QC   process
  • No investment in implementation (training, equipment, procedures)
  • Electronic accuracy at fraction of price
  • Transparent data logging for trend and compliance analysis
  • Establishing traceability and accountability
  • Enable implementing effective regulatory compliance                                

      Profitability increase:
  • Improve over whole goods quality received from vendors (and rejecting spoiled goods).
  • Reducing loss of profit resulting from discarding food.
  • Saving money spent on QA processes that are not as accurate, and that are time consuming.
  • Increasing food shelf life.
  • Reducing law suits (settlements, fines and the cost of  handling the legal process).
  • Reducing QA manpower.





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