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What is a TTI?

A time temperature indicator (TTI) is a device or smart label which shows the accumulated time-temperature history of a temperature sensitive product. Time temperature indicators are commonly used on food, pharmaceutical and medical products as freshness indicators - visualizing the end of a products shelf-life

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What is FreshCode™ label?

FreshCode™ is the brand name of Varcode’s TTI products. It’s a smart barcode label that records time temperature history and temperature exception events along the cold chain. The labels are designed for monitoring of temperature sensitive products from pallets level to the individual saleable unit. Information regarding the temperature history can be read by a standard barcode reader

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What is the purpose of the FreshCode™ Solution?

Cold chain management is key challenge faced by various industries. A successful cold chain relies on the cooperation of various players: manufacturer, carrier, distributor and the retailer.  FreshCode™ enables cold chain managers to effectively monitor and track events that may impact their products quality as it travels throughout the cold chain and by that improve product quality and safety, reduce depreciation and improve overall customer satisfaction.

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How FreshCode™ labels work?

The FreshCode™ label is delivered inactivated. Activation is done by pulling a tab. Once activated the FreshCold™ label records the complete history of the product to which it is attached. Reading of the labels is done by any standard barcode scanner.

Varcode innovative technology relies on proprietary formula that reacts to the environment temperature.  All the label ingredients are non hazardous and safe to use.

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What is the accuracy of the FreshCode™ label?

Accuracy and reliability of the recorded information are proven through numerous tests in various environments.
FreshCode™ label performance was compared to electronic data recorders performance and found similar, while its price is only a fraction of the price of electronic temperature recorders.

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What are the temperature ranges and time spans of FreshCode™ labels?

FreshCode™ labels are capable of monitoring wide range of temperatures and time spans. It supports international standards and regulations of food safety and quality. Temperature thresholds and time spans can be configured in the manufacturing process per customers’ specifications and requirements.

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