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An Accessible Solution for Time & Temperature Monitoring Data.

We provide an easy, low-cost cold chain wireless temperature monitoring solution for temperature sensitive products down to the last mile. Enhance and extend your process to get more out of your current investment.

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Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

The Varcode Smart Data Solution (VSDS™) is based on our patented dynamic barcode-based Smart Tag™. Our solution includes a temperature-sensitive Smart Tag™, an app for scanning the tags, and our management system where the data is stored.

The Varcode Smart Tag™ is a variable temperature, multi-layer barcode tag that tracks temperature changes over time.

The Varcode Scanning Suite is the link between your product and actionable information. Easily scan with a smartphone (app or web-based), handheld scanner, mobile computer to capture data through a product's journey. 

The Cloud Management & Data Storage System is a fully secure, cloud-based, blockchain-enabled storage system where scanned data can be collected and analyzed.

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The Varcode Smart Data Solution  

The Smart Tag™ is Constantly Gathering Data 

Knowing the condition of each of your deliveries is an important, generally overlooked, part of the delivery process. By adhering a Smart Tag™ to a temperature-sensitive product, those elusive condition details become actionable decision-making data. 

Upon activation, the Smart Tag™ goes to work - gathering data alongside your product during its journey. As your product experiences temperature change, the Smart Tag™ simulates those changes and records the cumulative time outside of desired temperature range. With a simple scan, those changes are logged in our Management System along with other elements. 

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Get Actionable Data Curated to your Business Needs

With a simple scan of a Smart Tag™ by our mobile app, data about your product's journey begins to be curated through our Smart Data System. From the first scan to that last, each event's data is enhanced through our temperature tracking systems giving your management team better data for more effective decisions. Our extended information includes: 

  • Graphical track & trace – to show the journey of the product
  • Local weather conditions – Temperature exposure risk understood from measuring the time from pick to pack or a prescription sitting at a front door
  • Delivery notifications – Insight regarding the length of exposure between delivery and customer receipt 
  • Real-time alerts - At the point of scan send instant notification by text or email through our customizable alerts 
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Let your Cold-Chain Monitoring do the Talking 

Communication is key to an effective cold chain. From real-time alerts to clear and direct in-field instructions to evolving the way you market to your D2C customers, Varcode has it covered. 

  • Immediate feedback to scanning app with clear instructions 
  • Instant accept or reject guidance with no guesswork
  • Emails & text messages to concerned stakeholders if something goes wrong 
  • Remarket to end customer as soon as a product is opened 
  • Proactive customer service 
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Simple Analysis for More Intelligent Business Decisions 

Varcode gives cold chain logistics professionals timely, actionable intelligence without the need for labor-intensive data analysis.  Access your data at any point during shipment via our online dashboard.  For immediate updates, configure the system to send automated emails or SMS text messages to your team members at the point of scan.  When a shipment is in danger of falling out of a specific temperature range, your people will be alerted.

  • Evaluate shipments by truck load, pallet, case or individual product
  • Compliance and loading data  
  • Instant feedback during handoff transition points
  • Improves understanding on where cold-chain breaches happen
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Advantages of Our Solutions

Cost effective

The low-cost  price point allows Varcode to be utilized for more than testing purposes. Every pallet, case, box, vial, and delivery can be tracked providing valuable information on packaging success, food safety, pharma effectiveness, and more.

Next-Gen technology

This innovative patented technology delivers measurable customer benefits beyond what incumbents provide today. Our Smart Tag™ monitors time over temperature by using technology that is more reliable and accurate than the industry standard. 

actionable digitized data

No data crunching is required! With a simple scan, Varcode removes subjective errors in readings and permanently digitizes the data you need to make more intelligent decisions for your business. No need for interpretation making in-field instruction clear resulting in more time efficient operations. 

Operationally Easy

Enhance and extend your current operations seamlessly, Varcode requires no batteries, no new hardware or software. Integrated in to your current operations or implemented on its own.

Why Choose Varcode?

Using gps time/temp monitoring now?
Add Varcode to...
  • Increase coverage to Pallet, Carton, Case, or product level
  • Get “Last Mile” data not captured today
  • Gain temperature performance that mimics your product vs. the environment
  • Singular Temp Performance data across all steps in the journey for instant action
  • Add Instant, simultaneous interaction with product handlers and customer service
  • Monitor at a lower-cost
  • Gain more comprehensive coverage for better data
using Color Change Indicators?
Use Varcode to...
  • Eliminate interpretation
  • Increase the level of reliability 
  • Receive Digitized Permanent Data for records, reporting, more intelligent decisions
  • Establish Two-way communication at the point of scan
  • Improve operational processes
  • Add Instant, simultaneous interaction with product handlers and customer service 
using electronic temp recorders now?
Enhance with Varcode to...
  • Expand monitoring at the unit level in a cost-effective manner
  • Eliminate management of sensors with no recharging or returning
  • Simplify data retrieval for all users
  • Remove the need to interpret raw data for required actions 
  • Reduced full shipment rejections  
  • Allow for consumer participation in each box and eliminate one-off testing 
  • Add Instant, simultaneous interaction with product handlers and customer service
using rfid sensors now?
Use Varcode to...
  • Eliminate electronics in the device itself 
  • Easily integrate into current operations. No additional Network or hardware required.  
  • Monitor at a lower-cost
  • Eliminate management of sensors with no recharging or returning
  • Gain temperature performance that mimics your product vs. the environment
  • Add Instant, simultaneous interaction with product handlers and customer service
No current solution?
Add Varcode to...
  • Visibility into your operations
  • Improve product safety 
  • Gain Digitized Permanent Data for records, reporting, more intelligent decisions at a low cost 
  • Establish Two-way communication at the point of scan
  • Increased operational analysis 
  • Improve operational processes

Already using a different system now? We make integration easy!

Our team can help you easily integrate our Varcode Smart Tag™ into your current system. 

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