The Varcode Smart Tag™ – a new paradigm in temperature monitoring technology

We provide an easy, low-cost cold chain temperature monitoring solution for temperature sensitive products. With the Varcode Smart Tag™, it's easy to ensure product integrity and client satisfaction

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How the Smart Tag™ works

  • Dynamic Barcode Technology: The Smart Tag™ features a dynamic barcode, where the black and white lines change based on temperature and time due to a custom-tuned mixture that reacts and expands across the barcode.
  • Error-free Data Digitization: Scanning the Smart Tag™ digitizes data, eliminating interpretation errors.
  • No Electronics Required: The Smart Tag™ operates without RFID or electronic components.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: It enhances and integrates easily with current systems for additional ROI.
  • Customizable Temperature and Time Thresholds: Tags are customizable for a range of temperatures (-4°F to 78°F) and time durations (15 minutes to 12 hours).
  • Universal Identifier Code Compatibility: The Smart Tag™ can be formatted to fit any barcode symbology used in business, like UPC, EAN, Code 128.
  • Branding Customization: Businesses can customize the top layer of a Smart Tag with their branding

Surpassing GPS and Expensive Data Loggers

Explore advanced solutions beyond GPS and Expensive Data Loggers - Discover how the Smart Tag™ outperforms traditional technologies

Traditional temperature monitoring devices present significant challenges: they are expensive, require costly maintenance, and involve complex reverse logistics with high loss rates. Frequent battery recharging and cybersecurity risks associated with USB ports add to the operational burden. The cumbersome data retrieval process, often resulting in an overload of difficult-to-interpret data in outdated PDF formats, leads to a poor end-user experience, highlighting the need for a more streamlined solution.
Color Change Indicators, while simple, suffer from significant drawbacks. The interpretation of results is subjective, often leading to a higher volume of customer service calls. Additionally, there's a notable lack of data capture and sharing with the shipper, creating a gap in the monitoring process.
Varcode's Smart Tag™ offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for temperature monitoring. It delivers clear, accurate temperature data and features customizable, cumulative temperature exposure windows. The tags are easily scannable using standard barcode scanners or mobile phones, effectively digitizing crucial data elements such as cumulative temperature exposure, location, time, and date. Additionally, all data captured by Smart Tag™ is accessible via a user-friendly, cloud-based platform, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of temperature monitoring.

Why Choose Smart Tag™?

Using GPS TIME/TEMP Monitoring?

ADD VArcode to...

  • Increase coverage to Pallet, Carton, Case, or product level
  • Get "Last Mile" data not captured today
  • Gain temperature performance that mimics your product vs. the environment
  • Singular Temp Performance data across all steps in the journey for instant action
  • Add Instant, simultaneous interaction with product handlers and customer service
  • Monitor at a lower-cost
  • Gain more comprehensive coverage for better data

Using color change indicators?

use varcode to...

  • Eliminate interpretation
  • Increase the level of reliability
  • Receive Digitized Permanent Data for records, reporting, more intelligent
  • Establish Two-way communication at the point of scan
  • Improve operational processes
  • Add Instant, simultaneous interaction with product handlers and customer service

Using Electronic Temp Recorders?

Enhance with Varcode to...

  • Expand monitoring at the unit in a cost-effective manner
  • Eliminate management of sensors with no recharging or returning
  • Simplify data retrieval for all users
  • Remove the need to interpret raw data for required actions
  • Reduced full shipment rejections
  • Allow for consumer participation in each box and eliminate one-off testing
  • Add instant, simultaneous interaction with product handlers and customer service

Using RFID Sensors Now?

use VArcode to...

  • Eliminate electronics in the device itself
  • Easily integrate into current operations. No additional Network or hardware required.
  • Monitor at a lower-cost
  • Eliminate management of sensors with no recharging or returning
  • Gain temperature performance that mimics your product vs. the environment
  • Add instant, simultaneous interaction with product handlers and customer service

No current solution?

Add varcode to...

  • Visibility into your operations
  • Improve product safety
  • Gain Digitized Permanent Data for records, reporting, more intelligent decisions at a low cost
  • Establish Two-way communication at the point of scan
  • Increased operational analysis
  • Improve operational processes

Advantages of Our Solutions


No data crunching is required! With a simple scan, Varcode removes subjective errors in readings and permanently digitizes the data you need to make more intelligent decisions for your business. No need for interpretation making in-field instruction clear resulting in more time efficient operations.


The low-cost price point allows Varcode to be utilized for more than testing purposes. Every pallet, case, box, vial, and delivery can be tracked providing valuable information on packaging success, food safety, pharma effectiveness, and more.

This innovative patented technology delivers measurable customer benefits beyond what incumbents provide today. Our Smart Tag™ monitors time over temperature by using technology that is more reliable and accurate than the industry standard.


Enhance and extend your current operations seamlessly, Varcode requires no batteries, no new hardware or software. Integrated in to your current operations or implemented on its own.


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