Smart Tag™ - the only variable barcode measuring temperature excursions

We provide the lowest cost temperature monitoring solution that digitally captures temperature excursion data in the cloud

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Gather data every step of the way

How does it work?

  1. Activate the Smart Tag™ and attach it to your product.
  2. The Smart Tag™ mimics the temperature changes that your product experiences and tracks the time spent outside the safe range.
  3. Scan the Smart Tag™ with any scanner or smartphone to access the temperature excursion data and other information on our cloud-based platform.
  4. Enjoy the benefits of the Smart Tag™, such as:
    • Real-time tracking and customizable alerts with each scan
    • Integration with shipping partners
    • Local weather conditions at point of scan
    • Problem identification and optimization
    • Secure and transparent data storage

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The Science Behind the Tag

Varcode Smart Tag™ uses a food safe ink and fatty acid compound that spreads across the Smart Tag's barcode. Temperature excursions are tracked as this compound fills in the barcode based on cumulative time over temperature.

  • Dynamically changes based on desired time and temperature parameters
  • Captures temperature variance when and where it occurs at every scan
  • Easily scannable by any scanner or smartphone
  • Each scan creates permanent & irreversible digital records in the cloud.

Surpassing Color Change Indicators and Expensive Data Loggers

Explore advanced solutions beyond Color Change Indicators and Expensive Data Loggers - Discover how the Smart Tag™ outperforms traditional technologies

Traditional temperature monitoring devices present significant challenges: they are expensive, require costly maintenance, and involve complex reverse logistics with high loss rates. Frequent battery recharging and cybersecurity risks associated with USB ports add to the operational burden. The cumbersome data retrieval process, often resulting in an overload of difficult-to-interpret data in outdated PDF formats, leads to a poor end-user experience, highlighting the need for a more streamlined solution.
Color Change Indicators, while simple, suffer from significant drawbacks. The interpretation of results is subjective, often leading to a higher volume of customer service calls. Additionally, there's a notable lack of data capture and sharing with the shipper, creating a gap in the monitoring process.
Varcode's Smart Tag™ offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for temperature monitoring. It delivers clear, accurate temperature data and features customizable, cumulative temperature exposure windows. The tags are easily scannable using standard barcode scanners or mobile phones, effectively digitizing crucial data elements such as cumulative temperature exposure, location, time, and date. Additionally, all data captured by Smart Tag™ is accessible via a user-friendly, cloud-based platform, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of temperature monitoring.

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