Produce Temperature Monitoring System

From farm to market, track and trace your product and get the actionable data you need to increase operational confidence, reduce waste, increase sustainability.

Ensuring a product maintains the recommended condition throughout its journey is an important measure that inextricably links agriculture, supply chain, distribution, health, accessibility, and safety for the human condition.

Prevent losses during transit & storage by tracking and verifying temperature handling with our unique temperature protection and our produce temperature monitoring solution.

cartoon graphic of hand holding a ripe tomato


  • Digital actionable data in an easily understood and analyzed format
  • Easily integrates into a native system or the Produce Traceability Solution, Connecting Foods, IBM Food Trust, etc. through API, blockchain, or data export
  • Get visibility and traceability into transitional weak points of the cold chain that are otherwise cost-prohibitive
  • Expands existing data network infrastructure such as GS1, PTA, Unity Gold Farmer Program
  • Cross functionality – Use data across segments from primary producers to retailers and even down to the consumer level
  • Analytical oversight by temperature excursions, date/time, location, individual, and company
  • Quickly, easily, and accurately track products throughout the entire delivery cycle for both safety and compliance (HACCP, FSMA, HARPC)
  • Simple deployment with easy-to-use tools. Detailed data views of each stage throughout the supply chain journey
  • Ensure adherence to procedures and compliance requirements from your supply chain partners
  • Frozen Produce / Refrigerated Produce
  • Prevent frozen products from developing harmful bacteria
  • Verify that product has been properly stored at the requested temperature
  • Eliminate refreezing of thawed foods, which degrades quality, taste & texture
  • Manage each handoff in the delivery of frozen items from farm to market
  • Get instant information on each stage of the transport of your frozen products

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