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The Varcode Temperature Tracking Smart Data Solution, captures, tracks, analyzes, and reports a product’s cumulative temperature excursions over time, producing a cost-effective, permanent digital record without electronics and within your current environment – no installation required. Varcode’s data collection system is composed of our patented customizable dynamic Smart Tag™, our Smartphone app, and our cloud-based, blockchain-enabled management system.

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Affordable Digital Collection, Recording, Tracing and Reporting for Supply Chain Compliance

Smart Tag™ is made up of 3 components:

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Smart Tag

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Scanning Suite

Management Suite

Actionable Data Alerts for Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Shipping temperature-sensitive products such as perishable foods and pharmaceuticals require specific temperature ranges to be maintained to ensure product integrity.

This presents a supply chain challenge where control is relinquished once the product leaves the dock.

Smart Tag™, used alongside our patented Smart Tag™, ensures your team is alerted with actionable data from dock to doorstep when a shipment needs extra attention to maintain temperature.

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Automated Cold Chain Data Analysis and Mobile Alerts

No data crunching is required! Varcode built the Varcode Smart Data Solution™ to provide simple, actionable information to the cold chain shipping industry.

  • Log in to the online dashboard for shipment journey information, such as when and how long a shipment went out of temperature range.
  • For immediate alerts, Smart Tag™ sends email or text message updates to designated contacts when shipments are out of an acceptable temperature range.

Your supply chain specialists will have the critical data they need to make informed decisions about cargo handling every step of the way.

Smart Tag™ is enabled by Varcode’s Smart Tag™ Digitized Time-Temperature Indicator. This innovative, patented solution uses dynamic barcodes that track and change alongside the temperature of the cargo. Using standard barcode readers, iOS or Android devices, harvest data-rich information on the condition of your products at any point of the journey.

Don’t leave your cold chain logistics professionals in the dark. Varcode’s solution provides the data necessary to make the right decisions at the right time. Contact us today to learn more.

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The Varcode solution is flexible. From large enterprises with existing data logger systems or smaller shippers with the need to accurately track cold chain shipments, Varcode can enhance your current system or craft a stand-alone system to meet your needs. Our solution can integrate with and supplement your existing infrastructure.

What Makes Smart Tag™ Different?

Digital Data

  • Digital actionable data in an easily understood and analyzed format
  • Visibility and traceability into transitional weak points of the cold-cold chain that are otherwise cost-prohibitive
  • Analytical oversight by temperature excursions, date/time, location, individual, and company
  • Cross functionality – Use data across segments from manufacturing to retailers and even down to the consumer level through Direct to Consumer applications
  • Expands existing data network infrastructure

Economically Scalable - Even To The Unit Level

  • Exception Alerts generated by the Data Network – Redundant Safety Step
  • Problems are anticipated, intercepted, and resolved in real-time.
  • The product is traceable through consumer purchase with a universal unique identifier and Varcode Smart Tag™ combo.
  • Product-specific information down to the unit enabling tracking in case of a product recall.

Easily Integrates or Extends Current Systems

  • Easily integrates into a native system
  • A quality check at any point to identify any products that have been outside the recommended temperature for a defined period.
  • A simple scan either by a smartphone, handheld scanner, or POS will collect information in a quick, familiar step.
  • Scanning is ubiquitous - Workers are accustomed to scanning and receiving instructions back about operations.
  • Instructions transmitted immediately.
  • Smart Tags™ can be formatted as product specific combinations of universal identifier codes such as Code 128, UPC-a, ​​GS1 DataBars, Code 39, UPC-E, or EAN codes to seamlessly integrate into existing tracing data.

We are continuing to develop product, production, and data enhancements to better serve the needs of the Cold Chain community.

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