Protein Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Meat, Poultry, Seafood & Protein requires a constant temperature that can be difficult to maintain and verfiy with the many hand-off points in a typical supply chain.

With the Varcode Smart Data Solution, get instant access to more granular, actionable information at the pallet, case, carton and unit level. Track your product from processing to the customer with one solution.

Prevent potential losses during transit & storage by tracking and verifying temperature handling of refrigerated and frozen protein products through your supply chain with our unique temperature protection and protein temperature monitoring solution.

Low-Cost Option to Verify and Enhance the Supply Chain

  • Easy to track product at the case and package level
  • Quickly deployed & simple to operationalize
  • Gather and analyze data in the unseen transition points.
  • Hold supply chain participants accountable for adherence to procedures and compliance requirements
  • Ensure optimal quality
  • Preserve quality and life expectancy at all stages of the supply chain
  • Protect your company’s reputation
  • Deliver with confidence

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