Cold Chain Data Analytics Software

Cold chain logistics prove challenging when it comes to making data-driven decisions. Data loggers produce volumes of shipment data detailing temperature fluctuations, but that data requires time-consuming, intense analysis. Varcode bridges the gap with a powerful software-driven solution that uses mobile technology to gather data and provide your cold chain logistics employees with prompt intelligence when they need it most.

Using The Varcode Management Suite – which combines our Smart Tag Management System™ (STMS) and Our Analytics Dashboard– temperature data is dynamically gathered at all points from dock to doorstep. The data is stored in Varcode’s cloud-based storage system where fast, accurate answers and actions are provided on your shipment.

No data crunching required: just log into the online dashboard.

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Dashboards

Varcode’s Smart Tag Management System™ (STMS™) is a comprehensive tracking, reporting, and alert system to effectively manage the cold chain. Used alongside our Varcode Time-Temperature recorders, STMS enables a manufacturer, 3PL, or retailer (or all three!) to define and implement an effective cold chain monitoring process. The flexible architecture allows for almost any quality/safety requirements or for almost any supply cold chain structure.

Intelligent Data

Along with STMS™, the Varcode Dashboard will provide any decision-maker with the actionable information they need about their cold chain. Our dashboard is an easy-to-use tool from overviews to diving into the detail of each product's journey. View the location a product was scanned, its status, who scanned it, time and date of scan, and integrated details like graphical track and trace weather conditions and delivery status from third party carriers.

the Latest Scans graph from the Varcode application dashboard

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