Food and Beverage Temperature Monitoring System

Efficient cold chain temperature monitoring is imperative to the safety and quality of our food system. Food and beverage temperature monitoring is not a simple task; in fact, ensuring each product's quality through a complex, multi-point system can be costly and time prohibitive.

The Varcode Smart Data Solution (VSDS) simplifies the once-believed impossible task, and cost-effectively allows cold chain monitoring from pallet to the individual product level. The Smart Tag™, with the flexibility of its size, can be placed on any product and scanned through a mobile app, making it easy to collect data anywhere. Our IOS and Android apps make scanning even at the consumer level for D2C businesses an operational reality.

52 Million

Tons of food is sent to the landfill each year


of meal kits arrived with surface temperatures above 40 degrees

48 Million

People gets sick from foodborne diseases each year


of investigated cases are tied to temperature abuse

Learn below how Varcode fits into every aspect of your business:

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