Diagnostic Testing

Immediate data on the quality and condition of your samples throughout their journey with our diagnostic testing temperature & tracking systems

  • Confidence and Ease of Use for at-home patients
  • Verifies the quality of the sample during shipment
  • Instant feedback on the efficacy of sample for technician
  • Improves accuracy of diagnosis
  • Viability confirmation
  • Transportation/weather analytics

Varcode's Smart Tag™, with its size flexibility, can be placed on any product and scanned through a mobile app, making it easy to collect data anywhere.

cartoon graphic of testing cup and testing swab

We get immediate feedback on the quality and condition of the sample.

At Labonovum, we use Varcode’s smart digital time and temperature indicators to help ensure the quality of our in-home healthcare diagnostic tests. When a blood sample arrives in our lab, the Varcode tag is immediately scanned. All of the data is uploaded to our system and we get immediate feedback on the quality and condition of the sample. All of this happens within a blink of an eye without generating additional work on the floor. Most important however, is that we can guarantee a correct diagnosis."


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