About Varcode

Affordable Digital Collection, Recording, Tracing and Reporting for Supply Chain Compliance


The Varcode Smart Data Solution captures, tracks, analyzes, and reports a product’s cumulative temperature excursions over time, producing a cost-effective, permanent digital record. Varcode’s data collection system is composed of our patented customizable dynamic Smart Tag™, our free Smartphone app, and our cloud-based, blockchain-enabled management system.


Empower a smarter, safer, and more sustainable global supply chain for food and pharmaceuticals.


Provide SMART, accessible, information and technology engineered to ensure product safety and measurably reduce waste, while meeting global regulatory requirements for temperature-sensitive products.

Our Story

The Evolution of Varcode

Varcode began as Yaron Nemet's vision for better protection of cold chain products. Nemet, a prolific inventor with nearly 100 patents, set out on a mission to enhance the temperature monitoring devices already in place by so many. Daniel Bergstein, a former Private Equity (PE) attorney turned successful PE investor, was immediately drawn to Nemet's creativity and technological innovation. Bergstein joined the mission to create a unique product that would revolutionize how temperature exposure is tracked over time while providing digitalized data.

Their journey began by developing an R&D lab, where the very first generation of Smart Tag™ (formally Freshcode) was hand-built. They conducted multiple in-lab and field tests to ensure the technology was effective and scalable across many food and healthcare use cases.

With the technology in place, they secured a manufacturing facility capable of mass production of our Smart Tags™. Now the ball was rolling. Varcode's Smart Tag™ technology has been validated by NSF labs, multiple universities, and multiple large pharmaceutical companies.

The founding duo confidently progressed, knowing the Varcode Smart Data Solution (VSDS) has all the makings of a disruptive technology poised to become the next generation of time and temperature monitoring for food and healthcare.

To enhance the company's growth, Gian Fulgoni and Joeseph Battoe, entrepreneurs and information services veterans, joined the Varcode team as Executive Chairman and CEO, respectively, with the mission to bring this exceptional technology and information to market.

Our team continues to grow and is empowered by the continuous positive feedback and excitement from our prospects, customers, partners, and current investors.

We stand by our mission to provide SMART, accessible information and technology engineered to ensure product safety and measurably reduce waste while meeting global regulatory requirements for temperature-sensitive products.


Varcode was founded by Yaron Nemet and Daniel Bergstein in Israel.


Secured an extraordinary patent portfolio protecting our intellectual property



Manufacturing facility capable of mass production of Smart Tags™ goes live.


With $9 million invested in development, Yaron and Daniel agree that the technology is ready for commercialization.



Q3: Gian Fulgoni and Joseph Battoe join the Varcode team



Varcode's production and team continue to grow...

We get immediate feedback on the quality and condition of the sample.

At Labonovum, we use Varcode’s smart digital time and temperature indicators to help ensure the quality of our in-home healthcare diagnostic tests. When a blood sample arrives in our lab, the Varcode tag is immediately scanned. All of the data is uploaded to our system and we get immediate feedback on the quality and condition of the sample. All of this happens within a blink of an eye without generating additional work on the floor. Most important however, is that we can guarantee a correct diagnosis.


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