3PL and Logistics Applications

Third-party cold chain logistics companies face a major challenge keeping shipments within an acceptable temperature range. If a shipment arrives out of range, all sorts of finger-pointing can ensue, especially if it’s unclear when it fell out of range. The potential conflicts with the manufacturer – not to mention the insurance claims – can be a real headache.

Get actionable data on your cold chain shipments with the Varcode Smart Data Solution (VSDS). When used with our Time-Temperature recorders for your 3PL and logistics applications, you will have full visibility into the cumulative temperature excursions of your shipment at every stage, giving you the data to make informed decisions along the way.

3PL Cold Chain Logistics Temperature Tracking

VSDS™ is built for the modern cold chain logistics professional, providing timely, actionable intelligence without the need for complicated data analysis. Access your data at any time during shipment via our online dashboard. To provide your team with updates, configure VSDS™ to send an automated email or SMS text message to specified contacts at the time of the scan. Your people will be advised when a shipment is in danger of exceeding a specific temperature range for a predetermined time period.

VSDS™ is powered by Varcode’s Digital Time-Temperature Indicators. Our innovative, patented Smart Tags™ goes beyond basic color-change indicators, using dynamically updating barcodes that shift and change in response to the temperature of the cargo. Using standard barcode readers or Varcode’s iOS and Android apps, your cold chain logistics professionals can record data on the temperature changes of your shipment at any point of the journey. Capturing these time codes can be critical to know what happened when during shipment.

Already using data loggers? Varcode’s technology is flexible and scalable, capable of integrating with your existing systems or deploying as a stand-alone solution.

Remove the guesswork from your cold chain logistics operation, and give your teams the data they need to make time-critical decisions. Contact us today to learn more.

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