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DTC Food Temperature Tracking

Affordable connection to your products and customers - from shipping to kitchen.

Home Delivery is one of the fast-growing markets in the world yet its cold chain is the hardest to monitor. Relying on "the industry standard" is no longer a viable option. Operation professionals need more data to analyze shipments and guarantee quality and safety. Additionally, customer service and marketing need more tools to interact with a customer as soon as a delivery is opened.

The Varcode Smart Data Solution addressed these DTC food temperature tracking issues and needs in a simple, cost-effective way. 

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Increased Data & Insights

Last Mile Visibility: The Varcode Smart Data Solutions provides last-mile visibility when shipping perishables via common carriers. You can now answer questions like:

  • How long was your package left out on the front porch?
  • What was the time of delivery versus the time the box was opened?
  • What was the temperature of my products at the time of arrival?
  • If my products were under a safe temperature, how long were they in that condition?
  • Are my products safe for my customer to consume?

Data and Insights: The new data from Varcode tells you everything about your product from the time you pack the items until the time your customer unpacks them at their home.

Culmitive temperature data plus - Who, What, Where, When, and Durations for every delivery.

Benefits of Temperature Tracking for Meal & Food Delivery Services

  • Protection against food-borne illnesses
  • Controlled and extended food shelf life
  • Quicker awareness of refrigeration or storage problems
  • Safer and better quality food
  • Decrease food waste
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Customer Confidence

Marketing Efficiencies: Varcode enables marketers to reach their customers at the exact moment their products are delivered. Your business can now talk to your customers to:

  • Get direct feedback on their satisfaction at the point of receipt
  • Provide incentives to promote incremental purchases and referrals
  • Market new products and services

With Varcode’s data, you can tell how you packaged performed during the journey. Combining this information with other delivery service data will enable you to better understand how packaging can be modified to optimize your packaging materials by zones and reduce costs.

Varcode enables your Customer Service professionals to proactively respond to potential delivery issues. With each customer scan, your team can quickly address any issues and immediately resolve them - minimizing the frustration for your customers and, in many cases, reducing waste due to customer confusion regarding product concerns.

Now, you can talk to your customers at the exact moment they open their delivery. Immediately after your customers scan Varcode’s Smart Tag, you will have the ability to engage with them to help complete their experience and offer additional value to them via rewards, incentives, referrals, and other high-value engagement options.

Your customers can now share their experience with your brand right with they open their delivery. Not only can they respond directly to you, but they can share thoughts and images via social media in a safe environment that you have provided.

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