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Temperature Indicator Tags

Data loggers have been the foundation of cold chain logistics for years.  But data loggers replace one problem with another: they’ll provide lots of data, but it’s up to the shipper to make sense of it.  And they’re expensive.

Varcode has responded with the Smart TagTM.  These innovative temperature indicator tags & barcodes provide dynamic temperature updates to your cold chain logistics professionals at any point during the journey, at a fraction of the cost of electronic data loggers.

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Digitized Time Temperature Indicators

Varcode’s patented Smart TagTM utilizes technology that causes the barcode to shift dynamically as the temperature changes within the shipping container.  It provides cumulative temperature-time exposure at a variety of time intervals and can tell when the shipment dropped below an acceptable temperature range for a predetermined period of time.  The result is a barcode that can tell a story every time it’s scanned.

  • The SmartTagTM can be applied to the product in-line or post-production.
  • Format the SmartTagTM in any industry barcode standard, including UPC, EAN, Code 128, and more.
  • Shipping pharmaceuticals or food? Varcode designed the SmartTagTM to aid with FDA compliance.

Unlike data loggers, the Varcode Smart Data SolutionTM (VSDS) was designed with simplicity and actionable intelligence in mind, with no need for complicated data crunching.  Every scan of the Smart TagTM sends data to our cloud-based storage system, where your cold chain logistics team can access data from an online dashboard at any point in the journey.  And immediate email or text alerts can be sent to designated contacts.

The VSDSTM is flexible and scalable for organizations of any size.  Varcode can develop a solution for large enterprises with existing infrastructure, or deliver a stand-alone system for smaller cold chain logistics companies.

Varcode’s solution can empower cold chain logistics professionals with actionable information to make informed, timely decisions.

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