Wine & Alcohol Temperature Monitoring Logistics

The distribution of temperature-sensitive alcoholic beverages through summer and winter climates can be harmful to the quality of these items without proper shipping materials to support the maintenance of consistent temperature control.

Prevent losses during transit & storage by tracking and verifying temperature handling of alcoholic beverages throughout the cold chain with our unique wine & alcohol temperature monitoring logistics

cartoon graphic of a wine glass filled with red wine

Maintain Beverage Quality with Varcode

Varcode provides an affordable solution to give your customers the assurance that the quality of their beverages has been maintained throughout their journey. Varcode also provides you with the ability to discuss the process and reassure your customers that their deliveries are safe and that they have been maintained under appropriate conditions from the vineyard to their homes.Varcode offers a variety of temperature and time configurations for our Smart Tags™ to meet all of the unique needs of each product.

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