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January 9, 2023
Food & Bev

We now live in a time where convenience has taken the cake.  Home delivery meal companies have risen to the top, whether it be “ready to heat” instant meals or fresh ingredients to prepare your own home-cooked meal, they are now delivered straight to your door. Your consumers are counting on you for not only the best quality product but also one that exceeds FDA regulations when it comes to safety.

Let’s talk first about food safety. Food safety focuses on reduction of risks and lack of harm to the human body. For example, when you package up fresh home delivery meal kits, you must ensure that the fresh ingredients do not become spoiled during transit. If they do not stay below a certain temperature, the risk of bacteria growth increases and could result in your consumer getting ill.

Food safety centers around physical health while quality is more about the satisfaction of your customers. You can understand why these two terms are important to the food industry and to you especially as a business owner.

Food quality improves safety and productivity. Quality goes beyond safety in ensuring that not only are those home delivery kits safe from contaminants but also are as delicious as possible. When safety is not considered, quality does not exist.

In 2017, Rutgers-Tennessee State University conducted a study on the “integrity of home-delivered dinners.”  The study found that 47% of meal kits that were delivered in the test had surface temperatures that were above 40°F, making them potentially unsafe to consume.  Coincidentally, the same study showed 95% of consumers interviewed believed that these products are completely safe. Are they basing this on the quality of the product (color, flavor, texture, taste, etc.) or complete trust in the FDA to implement the highest standards to keep us safe?  Both.

The truth is your consumers are putting their trust in you to fully comply with FDA regulations in keeping your food safe while at the same time testing its quality with their senses. Provide convenience with care by properly maintaining the integrity of your food throughout its journey to the plate.

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