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Ensure the safety and integrity of your deliveries in real-time with Varcode Smart Tag™ - the future of cold chain monitoring at your fingertips.

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Smart Tag™ Time Temperature Indicators for Shipping

Varcode Smart Tag™: Advanced, Low-Cost Solution for Comprehensive Temperature Monitoring in the Supply Chain

  • Affordable, comprehensive tracking and reporting solution offering instant notifications
  • Tags with barcodes that adapt in real-time according to the client's specified temperature and timing requirements
  • Monitors temperature fluctuations during transport and logs every point where scanning occurs
  • Scannable by fixed, handheld, QR code & smartphone scanners via iOS & Android apps
  • Creates unalterable digital logs utilizing blockchain technology
  • Track & Trace enabled - each patented single use tag uniquely serialized
An infographic showcasing the four-step process of Smart Tag™ Time Temperature Indicators for industry use. Step 1: 'Capture' shows a barcode being scanned by a mobile device, highlighting data capture. Step 2: 'Analyze' includes icons for querying who, what, where, when, and a status duration timer, symbolizing data analysis. Step 3: 'Track & Trace' depicts a truck, representing the transport and logistics tracking. Step 4: 'Communicate' displays a smartphone receiving alerts and confirming actions, indicating communication of information. The steps are interconnected by lines, indicating a sequential process.

Multi-Industry Temperature Control

Elevating Food Safety and Quality through Cold Chain Innovation

  • General Monitoring: Varcode enhances food safety and quality by providing easy-to-use technology for monitoring temperatures at all levels of the food supply chain.
  • Grocery Retail: The system tackles challenges in grocery logistics, offering digital tools for product tracking, recall management, and supply chain analysis.
  • Home Delivery: Varcode ensures quality in fast-growing home delivery markets by monitoring temperature from shipment to delivery, enhancing customer confidence and service.
  • Protein Products: Specialized solutions for meat, poultry, and seafood maintain consistent temperatures, ensuring product safety and quality during transit.
  • Produce: The technology tracks temperature from farm to market, focusing on reducing waste and ensuring compliance with safety standards for fresh produce.
  • Specialty Foods: Varcode supports the delivery of high-quality, small-batch specialty foods, ensuring their safe transport and maintaining their unique value.

Enhancing Pharma Safety with Advanced Temperature Monitoring

  • General Pharma & Life Sciences Monitoring: Varcode ensures safe and effective monitoring of pharmaceuticals throughout their journey, from large shipments to individual products.
  • Diagnostic Testing: The system offers real-time data on sample quality during shipping, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and sample viability.
  • Clinical Research & Drug Delivery: Varcode aids in clinical trials by tracking temperature-sensitive treatments, ensuring the quality of critical medications.
  • Pharma & Bio Specimen Logistics: This solution focuses on safely transporting pharmaceuticals, complying with global health regulations, and preventing damage or loss.
  • Direct to Home Pharma Delivery: Provides thorough tracking for home-delivered pharmaceuticals, ensuring their safety and effectiveness right to the customer's doorstep.
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Streamlined Temperature Control

Modern-day logistics and supply chain management is getting faster, safer, and more data-driven. This is great news for those needing to transport temperature-sensitive products and pharmaceuticals because you have more control over maintaining the quality and safety of these items. Time Temperature Indicators (TTIs) are among the game-changing technologies that have emerged from the need to manage temperature-sensitive products during transportation. This technology has improved dramatically from simple, color-changing time temperature indicator labels to data-generating tags, like those offered by Varcode.

How Smart Tag™ Time Temperature Indicators Work

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Our time temperature indicators are smart and reliable monitoring devices designed to track temperature fluctuations over a specified period. These indicators provide a digital indication of whether a product has been exposed to temperature conditions outside an acceptable range. Temperature monitoring devices for shipping use science to create intelligent tracking data. This tag tells you whether your product has exceeded its temperature range each time it is scanned during a defined time period. The physical tag also captures cumulative time outside of temperature ranges using specialized ink.

Varcode Smart Tag™ Types

The Varcode Smart Tag™ comes in a variety of standard time and temperature configurations based on industry needs ranging from 0°F (-16°C) to 77°F (25°C) with time parameters from 2 to 4 hours.

Smart Tag™ Management System (STMS)

All the data generated by the Varcode Smart Tag™ is made available to you in an easy-to-use dashboard so that you can see and manage important temperature trends over time.

A Wide Range of Applications

Time temperature indicators are used across a wide range of industries and products.


In the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, vaccines and biologics demand strict temperature control. For instance, vaccines for COVID-19, insulin, and certain medications can lose their potency if exposed to the wrong temperatures. Our Smart Tag™ time temperature indicators provide a cost-effective solution to ensure these life-saving products remain viable during transit.

Food and Beverage

The food industry also relies heavily on TTIs to ensure the freshness of perishable goods. Seafood, dairy products, and fresh produce are prime examples of items that must be stored and transported within specific temperature limits to prevent spoilage and maintain quality. With the Smart Tag™ you can better ensure the quality of your products from manufacturing to the store.

Chemical and Industrial

Chemical and industrial sectors utilize time temperature indicators to guarantee the stability and effectiveness of sensitive compounds. Chemical reactions and material properties can be greatly influenced by temperature fluctuations, making time temperature indicators crucial for preventing product spoilage.

Get started today by choosing the Varcode Smart Tag™ that suits your business. You’ll get access to the data you need to ensure the safety and integrity of your products while getting instant alerts when temperature ranges are breached. Contact us today to know how we can help.
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