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Smart Tag Track Temperature-Sensitive Products in Transit

Varcode's Smart Tag temperature indicators enable real-time monitoring of goods that require controlled temperatures

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Smart Tag™ Time Temperature Indicators for Shipping

Varcode Smart Tag™: Advanced, Low-Cost Solution for Comprehensive Temperature Monitoring

  • Affordable, comprehensive tracking and reporting solution offering instant notifications
  • Tags with barcodes that adapt in real-time according to the client's specified temperature and timing requirements
  • Monitors temperature fluctuations during transport and logs every point where scanning occurs
  • Scannable by fixed, handheld, QR code & smartphone scanners via iOS & Android apps
  • Creates unalterable digital logs utilizing blockchain technology
  • Track & Trace enabled - each patented single use tag uniquely serialized
An infographic showcasing the four-step process of Smart Tag™ Time Temperature Indicators for industry use. Step 1: 'Capture' shows a barcode being scanned by a mobile device, highlighting data capture. Step 2: 'Analyze' includes icons for querying who, what, where, when, and a status duration timer, symbolizing data analysis. Step 3: 'Track & Trace' depicts a truck, representing the transport and logistics tracking. Step 4: 'Communicate' displays a smartphone receiving alerts and confirming actions, indicating communication of information. The steps are interconnected by lines, indicating a sequential process.

Understanding temperature indicating labels

Temperature stickers are smart, visual indicators that change color or display in response to temperature fluctuations. They are engineered with specialized materials that react predictably to temperature changes within predefined ranges. These labels are typically stuck onto product packaging or directly on the products themselves. They provide real-time, at-a-glance information about whether a product has been exposed to temperature conditions outside the recommended range.

When are temperature indicating stickers necessary?

Essentially, any product that can be damaged or altered due to fluctuating temperatures needs to be tracked with Smart Tag temperature indicating stickers. These are the three biggest industries that benefit from this technology:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Many pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, biologics, and sensitive medications, are highly temperature-sensitive. For example, some vaccines and blood samples need to be kept between 2-8 °C, while other vaccines and medications must be kept frozen between between -15°C and -25°C. Deviations from the recommended storage conditions, even for short periods, can compromise the potency and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.
  • Refrigerated consumables: Refrigerated consumables, including fresh foods, dairy products, and certain chemicals, require precise temperature control to maintain their freshness and quality. Smart Tag temperature indicator labels help to ensure that these products remain within the recommended temperature range of between 0°C and 4.5°C. If temperature deviations occur, these stickers provide a visual cue to suppliers, distributors, and retailers, allowing them to assess the condition of the goods.
  • Frozen goods: Frozen goods, such as ice cream, frozen meats, and seafood, must be kept at consistently low temperatures of between 0°C and -18°C to prevent thawing and to maintain their quality. Smart Tag Temperature indicating stickers are essential for monitoring these products during transportation, especially in long-distance or cross-border shipments. If the temperature rises above the freezing point, the stickers provide a visible alert, enabling immediate action to prevent thawing and quality deterioration.
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Smart Tag™ Temperature Indicator Labels

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Many industries produce temperature-sensitive products that need to be transported. The journey through the cold chain is high-risk because any instances of products exceeding temperature ranges pose a threat to their safety and/or efficacy.

Smart Tag Temperature indicating labels have been designed to track and monitor temperature-sensitive products so that all stakeholders have the information they need to ensure the safety of their products. These simple but highly effective devices play a vital role in safeguarding quality, safety, and compliance across industries.

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There are a range of options that can be configured to track and measure the key data you require to safeguard your products.

With Varcode’s Smart Tag solution, you can get instant alerts when a scanned product shows a deviation in temperature, as well as an analytics dashboard to get all your information in one place.

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