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Smart Tag™ Temperature Monitoring and Vaccine Safety

Optimize Vaccine Safety and Logistics with Varcode Smart Tag™ - Real-time Monitoring, Instant Alerts, and Advanced Data Analysis

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Smart Tag™ Time Temperature Indicators for Shipping

Varcode Smart Tag™: Advanced, Low-Cost Solution for Comprehensive Temperature Monitoring

  • Affordable, comprehensive tracking and reporting solution offering instant notifications
  • Tags with barcodes that adapt in real-time according to the client's specified temperature and timing requirements
  • Monitors temperature fluctuations during transport and logs every point where scanning occurs
  • Scannable by fixed, handheld, QR code & smartphone scanners via iOS & Android apps
  • Creates unalterable digital logs utilizing blockchain technology
  • Track & Trace enabled - each patented single use tag uniquely serialized
An infographic showcasing the four-step process of Smart Tag™ Time Temperature Indicators for industry use. Step 1: 'Capture' shows a barcode being scanned by a mobile device, highlighting data capture. Step 2: 'Analyze' includes icons for querying who, what, where, when, and a status duration timer, symbolizing data analysis. Step 3: 'Track & Trace' depicts a truck, representing the transport and logistics tracking. Step 4: 'Communicate' displays a smartphone receiving alerts and confirming actions, indicating communication of information. The steps are interconnected by lines, indicating a sequential process.

How vaccine storage temperature logging works

The functionality of the vaccine temperature logging Smart Tags™ dashboard is simple, yet highly effective. They track vaccines according to their required temperatures, for example:

Refrigerated Vaccines: 2°C - 8°C
Frozen Vaccines: -50°C - -15°C

Smart Vaccine Temperature Tracking

  • Data Storage: You can select your Smart Tags according to its temperature measurement range and the duration of time you want to measure. Each time the tag is scanned, temperature data is automatically sent to an analysis dashboard so that you can get accurate information about the products’ temperature at each step in the journey. Each vaccine refrigerator temperature logger features a QR code that can be scanned by mobile phone or commercial scanners. Smart Tags are also irreversible which means that it represents a constant and consistent indicator of the vaccine’s temperature status and cannot be altered or tampered with.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Vaccine temperature Smart Tags are equipped with specialized ink that changes the barcode on the tag each time the product goes out of its temperature range. When the barcode is scanned, data is then sent to an analytics dashboard to allow transporters to measure and record temperature data over a defined period of time. This provides an instant, scannable data point that cumulatively tracks the vaccine’s validity according to temperature.
  • Alerts and Notifications: If a vaccine refrigerator temperature logger is scanned and the vaccine has gone outside the acceptable range, the Smart Tag triggers an instant, automatic alert that can be sent via email or SMS to chosen stakeholders. This instant feedback is vital to enable key stakeholders within the value chain to be able to take corrective action before it’s too late.
  • Data Analysis: Collected temperature data is transferred to an analytics dashboard where patterns and potential issues can be detected and dealt with. This gives you a big-picture view of your vaccines in transit and allows you to track and monitor transportation metrics that will help you improve logistics in the future.
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Vaccine Temperature Logging with the Smart Tags™ Dashboard

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Vaccines have been instrumental in safeguarding public health, but their efficacy hinges on strict temperature control. Deviations from recommended storage and transportation conditions can render vaccines ineffective or even a risk to the health of the patients they are designed to protect. To address this challenge, Vaccine Temperature Logging with the Smart TagsTM Dashboard has been developed to provide all stakeholders in the pharma industry with a degree of control over the cold chain.

A digital data logging thermometer for vaccine temperature monitoring is an intelligent device that has transformed the way vaccines are monitored and maintained, ensuring that products remain potent and safe throughout their journey from production to administration.

The Importance of Vaccine Temperature Logging with Smart TagsTM Dashboard

Vaccine temperature logging with Smart Tags dashboard serve several critical functions:
  • By constantly monitoring temperature, Smart Tags guarantee that vaccines are stored and transported under optimal conditions, preserving their potency.
  • They help pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers comply with regulatory requirements and maintain transparency and accountability in the supply chain.
  • Rapid alerts and predictive maintenance features allow for quick responses to temperature excursions, preventing potential harm to patients and financial losses.
  • The data collected by these smart tags can be used to improve logistics, optimize storage facilities, and enhance overall vaccine distribution strategies.
The effective transportation of vaccines is of global importance which is why it requires smart technology like vaccine temperature data loggers. Varcode has a range of Smart Tags options to suit your transportation needs. Contact Varcode today to start getting the benefits of vaccine temperature logging with Smart Tags dashboard.

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