Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Varcode Smart Tag compare to RFID technology?
Does Varcode have a tag that measures if a product goes below a certain temperature?
Why is “time over temperature” the best method for monitoring cold chain products?
What are the disadvantages of using a data logger for cold chain monitoring?
What is cold chain compliance?
What are the FDA requirements for cold chain products?
What is Title 21 CFR 203.32?
What is Title 21 CFR 203.36?
What is Title 21 CFR 211.150?
What is FSMA and why is it important in the cold chain?
How does cold chain monitoring work?
What temperature should cold chain products be kept?
What makes Varcode unique in the industry of cold chain monitoring?
How does a smart phone scan the Smart Tags™?
My business uses a scanner when filling orders. How do we scan Smart Tags™?
I have my own operations software and customer facing application. Can I integrate the Varcode app into my solutions?
How is data accessed?
Is Technical Support available?

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