Smart Tag™


2/4 Hours

The Varcode Smart Tag™ revolutionizes cold chain logistics with its advanced, low-cost temperature monitoring solution. Replacing traditional data loggers, these dynamic temperature indicator labels provide real-time, multipoint tracking from product origination to final destination, ensuring your products remain within safe temperature limits throughout the supply chain.

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Threshold Temperature
Status / Alert Times
2/4 Hours
Units per Bundle
12 | 24 | 100
Where to use
Vaccines - Pharma Refrigerated, Biologics, Fresh Produce, Insulin (unopened)

Utilize the Varcode Smart Tag™ for precise monitoring of sensitive products' time and temperature conditions. These versatile tags can be adhered inside shipping boxes, affixed to the exterior of palletized goods, or directly onto primary product packaging. They offer a simple yet sophisticated solution for tracking temperature, providing immediate and accurate information on temperature exposure. This helps in ensuring product quality and efficacy are maintained throughout the shipping and storage process. With Varcode's innovative technology, you gain a reliable, practical tool for temperature monitoring, safeguarding your sensitive products against temperature-related issues.

Prior to use, precondition the Smart Tags by refrigerating or freezing them for 2 hours at a temperature of 6°F / 3°C below their designated monitoring temperature.

Activate the Smart Tag™ by effortlessly pulling the green 'Start Tab' located on the tag's left side. Upon exposure to temperatures beyond its threshold, the barcode will dynamically respond, with sections activating or deactivating as the specialized ink mixture reacts, melting and spreading accordingly.

Custom Quote Requests
We also offer custom time and temperature configurations. Please contact us to order customized tags.