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Enhance Refrigeration Monitoring with Varcode's Smart Tag™

Maximize Efficiency in Cold Chain Logistics with Varcode's Advanced Refrigeration Monitoring System

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Smart Tag™ Time Temperature Indicators for Shipping

Varcode Smart Tag™: Advanced, Low-Cost Solution for Comprehensive Temperature Monitoring

  • Affordable, comprehensive tracking and reporting solution offering instant notifications
  • Tags with barcodes that adapt in real-time according to the client's specified temperature and timing requirements
  • Monitors temperature fluctuations during transport and logs every point where scanning occurs
  • Scannable by fixed, handheld, QR code & smartphone scanners via iOS & Android apps
  • Creates unalterable digital logs utilizing blockchain technology
  • Track & Trace enabled - each patented single use tag uniquely serialized
An infographic showcasing the four-step process of Smart Tag™ Time Temperature Indicators for industry use. Step 1: 'Capture' shows a barcode being scanned by a mobile device, highlighting data capture. Step 2: 'Analyze' includes icons for querying who, what, where, when, and a status duration timer, symbolizing data analysis. Step 3: 'Track & Trace' depicts a truck, representing the transport and logistics tracking. Step 4: 'Communicate' displays a smartphone receiving alerts and confirming actions, indicating communication of information. The steps are interconnected by lines, indicating a sequential process.

Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring System

If you’re in the business of transporting temperature-sensitive products like pharmaceuticals, food, and biotechnology, you have to consider how to protect the integrity of your products throughout the cold chain. Each point in the cold chain will have its own temperature monitoring systems for refrigeration, which is why it is vital to implement a Smart Tag™ temperature monitoring system that travels with products from manufacturing to point of sale or delivery.

Varcode's Smart Tag™ offers game-changing temperature monitoring technology that gives you the data you need when you need it.

What you get from Varcode’s Smart Tag™

The Varcode temperature indicating solution is designed to address the challenges of Smart Tag™ refrigeration temperature monitoring. These innovative tags are applied directly to temperature-sensitive products, providing a simple yet highly effective solution for both customers and transporters. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Continuous temperature monitoring: The Smart Tag™ records temperature data throughout the cold chain journey for access at the point of scan. Tags change visually with each temperature excursion and can be scanned with a simple mobile phone to make the data accessible to all staff levels. This timeous feedback is invaluable for transporters aiming to maintain the integrity of their shipments.
  • Data accessibility and transparency: The Smart Tag™ is equipped with a unique barcode that can be scanned using a mobile device. This feature enables transporters to access detailed information about the temperature history of each tagged product instantly. This transparency fosters accountability and allows for quick decision-making to address any deviations in temperature.
  • Integration with refrigeration Smart Tag™ temperature monitoring systems: The Varcode Smart Tag™ seamlessly integrates with refrigeration temperature monitoring systems, providing an additional layer of data for transporters. The tags transmit information about temperature conditions directly to an analytics dashboard, allowing for a comprehensive and centralized view of the entire cold chain.
  • Customizable thresholds and alerts: Transporters can set customizable temperature thresholds for different products. If the Smart Tag™ reports out-of-range temperature at the point of scan, automatic customizable alerts are triggered to select personnel. This proactive alert system enables transporters to take immediate corrective actions, preventing potential damage to products.
  • Cost-effective and user-friendly: Varcode's Smart Tag™ offers a cost-effective solution compared to traditional temperature monitoring systems. They are easy to apply, do not require additional equipment, and are user-friendly, making them a practical choice for transporters looking to enhance their cold chain monitoring capabilities.
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One of the primary challenges in cold chain logistics is the continuous monitoring of temperature conditions during transportation. Deviations from the specified temperature range can compromise the quality, efficacy, and safety of products. This can lead to significant financial losses and in the case of pharmaceuticals, potential harm to patients.

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With Varcode, you’ll find the Smart Tag™ solution that will ensure that your refrigeration temperature monitoring systems are accurate and under control. This small, dynamic, technology will help to create transparency throughout the cold chain so that you can reduce human error and unnecessary wastage.

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