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Learn more about Varcode and Smart Tag™ through the information below!

What Makes Varcode Different?

Digital Data

  • Digital actionable data in an easily understood and analyzed format
  • Visibility and traceability into transitional weak points of the cold-cold chain that are otherwise cost-prohibitive
  • Analytical oversight by temperature excursions, date/time, location, individual, and company
  • Cross functionality – Use data across segments from manufacturing to retailers and even down to the consumer level through Direct to Consumer applications
  • Expands existing data network infrastructure

Economically Scalable - Even To The Unit Level

  • Exception Alerts generated by the Data Network – Redundant Safety Step
  • Problems are anticipated, intercepted, and resolved in real-time.
  • The product is traceable through consumer purchase with a universal unique identifier and Varcode Smart Tag™ combo.
  • Product-specific information down to the unit enabling tracking in case of a product recall.

Easily Integrates or Extends Current Systems

  • Easily integrates into a native system
  • A quality check at any point to identify any products that have been outside the recommended temperature for a defined period.
  • A simple scan either by a smartphone, handheld scanner, or POS will collect information in a quick, familiar step.
  • Scanning is ubiquitous - Workers are accustomed to scanning and receiving instructions back about operations.
  • Instructions transmitted immediately.
  • Smart Tags™ can be formatted as product specific combinations of universal identifier codes such as Code 128, UPC-a, ​​GS1 DataBars, Code 39, UPC-E, or EAN codes to seamlessly integrate into existing tracing data.

We are continuing to develop product, production, and data enhancements to better serve the needs of the Cold Chain community.